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Bowling Honours 


James Vallom 5/35 vs Ickwell



James Vallom 5/31 vs Blunham 2nd

Sameem Safi 6/25 vs Great Barford and Mowsbury

Derek Starling 5/31 vs Clifton


Ravi Kodikara 5/19 vs Sharnbrook

Brett Sizer 5/14 vs Flitwick 2nd



Sameem Safi 6/22 vs Southill Park 2nd



Hugh Jackson 5/4 vs Sandy

Simon Maudlin 5/37 vs Flitwick 2nd

Brett Sizer 5/16 vs Henlow



Tim Leathers 7/18 vs Great Barford

James Wright 5/54 vs Blunham 3rd



Joe Pomfrey 6/24 vs Blunham 3rd



Simon Maudlin 5/31 vs Biggleswade



Steve Jeeves 5/22 vs Ampthill Town 2nd

Joe Pomfrey 5/41 vs Flitwick 3rd



Matt Benson 5/30 vs Sandy

Kai Griffiths-Shilton 5/42 vs Biggleswade 2nd

Dan Hall 5/26 vs Old Warden

Ravi Kodikara 5/30 vs Sandy

Simon Maudlin 5/9 vs Southill Park 2nd

James Vallom 5/43 vs Eversholt



S Jeeves 5/29 vs Roxton 2nd

Simon Maudlin 6/12 vs Southill Park 2nd

Simon Maudlin 5/28 vs Blunham 2nd

Brett Sizer 6/23 vs Hexton 2nd

James Vallom 6/26 vs Biggleswade 2nd



Simon Maudlin 5/11 vs Old Warden

Simon Maudlin 5/12 vs Langford


Simon Maudlin 5/24 vs Henlow

M Winnett 7/27 vs Southill



Les Sale 6/30 vs Lidlington

M Winnett 6/35  vs Blunham

N Waller 6/17 vs Eaton Socon


K Janczuk 5/37 vs Blunham

C Lintott 5/13 vs Ickleford

N Waller 7/14 vs Shefford

N Waller 5/22 vs Biggleswade

P Oakins 5/24 vs Hitchin Town


Paul Welch 5/27 vs Ickwell

N Waller 6/16 vs Potton 2nd

S Asque 8/34 vs Putnoe

S Finding 5/19 vs Westoning

Simon Maudlin 8/33 vs Langford

Simon Maudlin 7/34 vs Bedford Athletic


R Day 5/23 vs St Andrews

R Day 5/33 vs Bedford Postal

K Janczuk 5/26 vs Allen Park


Brett Sizer 5/34 vs Melbourne

Simon Maudlin 7/18 vs Pilgrims

T Finding 5/19 vs Roxton

T Finding 6/17 vs Felmersham

N Waller 5/39 vs Brickhill


C Jones 6/30 vs Shefford

Simon Maudlin 5/18 vs Thurleigh

Simon Maudlin 7/29 vs Cranfield Uni

N Waller 6/8 vs Tempsford

N Waller 5/20 vs Mowsbury

N Waller 6/57 vs Rushden

T Finding 5/35 vs Putnoe



T Finding 5/40 vs Blunham

Richard Maudlin 6/48 vs Luton International

Richard Maudlin 5/22 vs Putnoe

J Canagasuiuru 5/32 vs Tempsford

Simon Maudlin 5/13 vs Tempsford

N Waller 6/23 vs Sandy

J Bracey 5/22 vs Putnoe

Paul Welch 5/37 vs Tempsford

A  Shaw 5/73 vs Thurleigh


C Jones 7/12 vs Tempsford

D Levy 5/29 vs Wesfield Youth Club

Simon Maudlin 6/57 vs Luton International



J Bracey 5/54 vs Mowsbury Park

J Bracey 6/49 vs Old Warden

J Carngasurium 5/21 vs Blunham

N Knight 5/9 vs Pilgrims 2nd

K Peel 5/21 vs Great Barford

N Waller 7/15 vs Queens Park

N Waller 5/18 vs Rushden

N Waller 6/16 vs Rushden

N Waller 5/29 vs Eaton Socon II

N Waller 5/22 vs Luton Chevette

Simon Maudlin 5/22 vs Eaton Socon II

Simon Maudlin 5/27 vs Blunham



N Knight 6/5 vs Gamlingay

Les Sale 5/18 vs BU School

Richard Maudlin 5/20 vs Bedford

Richard Maudlin 5/23 vs Staploe

N Waller 6/14 vs Bedford Athletic

N Waller 6/12 vs Oakley

B Thaker 5/14 vs Queens Park



J Bracey 5/15 vs Pilgrims 2nd

N Knight 5/20 vs Thurleigh 2nd

I Crane 5/4 vs Shefford

S Hall 6/48 vs Staploe

Les Sale 5/7 vs Grafham

Les Sale 5/27 vs Brixworth

N Waller 5/39 vs WYCC


K Peel 6/49 vs Letchworth ICL

Richard Maudlin 5/17 vs Steppingley

B Day 5/21 vs Thurleigh


M Wright 5/7 vs TI Interlock

P Morrallee 6/34 vs Bedford Athletic

N Waller 5/12 vs Rushden

C Jones 5/40 vs Clifton

C Jones 6/71 vs Luton Chevette

C Jones 5/14 vs Queen Park

Paul Welch 5/20 vs Thurleigh II


Richard Maudlin 5/18 vs Shuttleworth

Richard Maudlin 5/5 vs Riseley

D Bygraves 5/12 vs Riseley

D Bygraves 5/24 vs Bedlec

C Jones 6/32 vs North Crawley

C Jones 6/50 vs Ickwell

Charles 5/38 vs ICL

Les Sale 5/20 vs North Crawley

K Peel 5/55 vs Bromham

K Peel 5/23 vs Steppingley

Pennington 5/33 vs Tobler Suchard

P Morrallee 6/8 vs Great Barford

B Day 6/16 vs Pilgrims II


Richard Maudlin 5/35 vs Old Warden

Les Sale 6/16 vs Wrestlingworth

N Waller 5/10 vs Melbourne

C Jones 5/44 vs Langford

D Bygraves 6/19 vs Oakley

I Crane 6/18 vs Bedford Postals

D McCormack 5/28 vs Westoning


N Waller 5/17 vs ICL

G Bygraves 5/66 vs Bromham

S Jeeves 6/23 vs Ickwell




Please note this isn't a complete record. If you have any old scorebooks I will be happy to add them to the Honours Board.



Batting Honours


Sameem Safi 117 vs Clifton 2nd 


Sameem Safi 123 vs Pavenham 2nd

Kai Griffiths-Shilton 111 vs Pavenham 2nd

Sameem Safi 124 vs Bedford 2nd

Sameem Safi 103 vs Grafham

Kai Griffiths-Shilton 115 vs Great Barford and Mowsbury

Jason Welch 214 vs Pilgrims Oakley 3rd

Sameem Safi 128* vs Pilgrims Oakley 3rd

Sameem Safi 136 vs Great Barford and Mowsbury

Ravi Kodikara 114 vs Blunham 4th

Sameem Safi 158* vs Blunham 4th


James Vallom 121* vs Blunham 4th

Jason Welch 142* vs Bedford 2nd

Jason Welch 116* vs Road Runner



Robert Bowyer 124* vs Ampthill Town 2nd

Jason Welch 101* vs Flitwick 2nd



Jimmy Ambrose 101 vs Ampthill Town 2nd



Joe Pomfrey 104 vs Biggleswade 2nd

Jimmy Ambrose 159 vs Hexton



Chris Jones jnr 159* vs Biggleswade 2nd



James Vallom 101* vs Eggington Foresters

Jason Welch 125* vs Dunstable Town 2nd



Dan Hall 157 vs Blunham 2nd

Brett Sizer 156* vs Bromham Nomads



Paul Oakins 104* vs Langford



Paul Oakins 110 vs Blunham 2nd


Paul Oakins 111* vs Offley

Paul Oakins 106* vs Houghton Town


Paul Oakins 100 vs Biggleswade


Paul Oakins 150 vs Biggleswade

J Anthony 102* vs Biggleswade

J Bracey 137* vs Brickhill


J Bracey 129 vs Wilden


C Finding 106* vs Cranfield II

S Finding 100* vs Allen Park


Lammie 100 vs Bedford Athletics

M Pennington 100* vs Luton Chevette


G Bygraves 101* vs Ickwell

G Bygraves 110 vs Tempsford 



Please note this isn't a complete record. If you have any old scorebooks I will be happy to add them to the Honours Board.